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Sup Guys. This is the Hotshot section. I'm Clayt Noriega, the project leader for this vehicle project. Basically I'm the guy that deals with the 2 wheel drive vehicles, unlike Benji and Craig who deals with the 4x4 stuff. But anyways this section is about Hotshot.

Hotshot first started out as an old farm truck, that had no potential to be a for a full fledge road monster, but I saw the picture beyond the exterior and it was a good image. I wanted this truck to beat "rice burners" and mustangs and those people who "think" they can beat anything. Someone needs to shut there little brat mouths up.

The vehicle of choice was a 1992 Chevrolet S10 Pickup. The stock engine was a 4.3L V6 TBI with over 130,000 miles on it. It was time for a change. The first thing that came to mind when i bought this truck was, "V8." When I told my friends about this, they didn't see the vision that i saw. Man, aren't they gonna be surprised. 

Now a S-10 V8 swap is a easy swap since the 4.3L is just like a 5.7L, just missing two cylinders. The only compitcations that i've heard about the swap is steering box/exhaust manifold clearence and an engines downfall and the reason why some of these swaps aren't being completed is the cooling issue because of how much room there is between the radiator and the engine itself and if you have air condition (like mine has) the cooling is worst since the A/C condenser needs to be mounted in front of the radiator, blocking air flow. To solve the problem of the spacing between the radiator and the engine is to move the radiator to the area where the A/C condenser goes, easy enough...not. Now i don't have a place for my A/C condenser. You could elimate it completely and there is nothing wrong with that but this is gonna be a street truck so the A/C stays. What I'm gonna do is modify the core support and use a smaller A/C condenser. As for the steering clearance, I can either use Camaro exhaust manifolds (the way they are designed give enough clearance between the steering box and the manifolds, but will restrict power), or I can use Sanderson headers (gain power but run the risk of exhaust leaks). Right now i'm a little undecided on my exhaust.

This right here is the minor glaze over whats to come. Stay tuned for more updates and look around for more projects to come.

R.I.P. JuJu, CKRoni, Nana(love ya), Tori #44 

Hey Guys, I'm now starting the tear down process of Hotshot. The process includes removing wiring harness and label wires and sensors so i'm not lost when retrofitting the V6 wiring harness to the V8 engine, Yes i'm using a V6 harness on a V8. Don't worry the V8 harness and the V6 harness are practically the same. Then i have to take off all the accessory brackets and keep those to use on the V8 since they'll work the same and will cut down cost. The coolest thing i love about the sdime (s-10) swaps is the fact all, if most some, of the 4.3L V6 bracketery and wiring harness can be reused which i don't even know why Chevrolet didn't put V8 in S10s to begin with. Anyways the next step is to unbolt my transmission bolts and the engine bolts and raise the engine out. All i need to do is to finish up my V8(specs giving maybe in the next section) going then its going in, keep in touch.

"Fear the Beast Within" 

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